Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disappointed by not Disheartened

I know it has been a while since my last post and i do apologize. I have been extremely busy since school has started back. I know many of you are curious as to my blog title. Just let me begin by saying that God knows all, sees all and hears all. So take heart. I have been faced with a situation that I just do not understand, but during my prayer time the other day God gave me a peace. I was praying about a particular situation that had me very disturbed and disheartened, but while in prayer God assured me that HE KNOWS ALL, HE SEES ALL AND HE HEARS ALL. So let me encourage you today, take heart our hope is in the Lord. No matter what happens and what disappointments come our way God knows. It is so hard to trust God when you seem to see mistreatment, and people taking advantage of you or your children or whatever, but rest in His peace and know that He sees, He hears and HE KNOWS.

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  1. The Bible says that we will suffer nothing that is not common unto man. The word also says that he will never leave us not forsake us. Although he may not take a thing from us he will walk through the thing with us. Have faith for the journey and know that his grace and mercy are bountiful.